The 1st Open Logistic Platform

Revolutionizing the way logistic can be processed via open blockchain ledgers and federated locker networks.

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Making Blockchain Real for Business

We are building a distributed ledger platform prototype from the ground up, specifically designed to manage commerce transactions between merchants, logistic vendors and consumers. To record, manage and synchronize transactions between merchants and consumers


This project will operate under principles of openness,transparency,and respect of community participation.

Open Source

All software published on the FreshTurf Open Source platform will be licensed and will be freely available for open use.

The Platform

FreshTurf Open Source will provide a toolkit that allows any merchant, 3rd party logistic operator, consumer, or individual to assign a secure digital identity to any parcel and link it to a permissioned shared ledger for record and tracking..


FreshTurf is initially playing the role of project sponsor, but, the intent is to make available a fully open source system as a public good that lives on the Hyperledger blockchain, with participation from many partners and brands and without any dependency on FreshTurf.


1. Block-chains are ideal for registering and taking custody of assets – posit that unregulated markets will first gain traction.

2. Designed to be an open, shared and transparent system the outlast the life of a singular company

3. Encodes the rules of relationship upfront and stores data immutably

4. Allow constituents to maintain dominion over private and business critical data

About us

FreshTurf, is a Singapore based technology company with expertise in developing software at the intersection of blockchain technology and user engagement. The Company is developing an open-source registry for parcels and consumer products on the Hyperledger blockchain. The Company has initially seeded the private registry and the Company’s commercial applications with numerous partners in the last mile fulfilment market.